Friday, 13 March 2015

Photo on Friday #1

I like taking photos, I like looking at what nature has created, what man has created, seeing shapes, decay, texture and colour.  Not only do my photos record the events in my life, but inspiration for my art. 

This was taken on the Quay in Peel on the Isle of Man in August 2014.  Bars and bars of rusty oxidised iron weathered by the air and salt.  It has had some filters added to give the Bokeh (spots of light) effect and to sharpen the tone.  My favourite filters site is Pixlr but there are many others out there.  

This photo inspires me to think about how I might replicate the colour and texture using paint and mediums.  Which oranges and reds and browns?  The pale yellow, possible hints of greens and how to get the grainy feel and look using gel mediums, texture paste, embossing powders? 

In itself it is a beautiful photograph and could be used on its on as a focal point in a composition.  But it also conjures up heart-warming, secret little smiles on my face, nostalgic memories of our walk along the Quay at Peel, heading towards the castle, listening to the gulls and the sea. 

Seeing, hearing, touching, feeling.

What inspires you?


  1. What a lovely post! I completely agree with you about the inspiration photos can give and the memories they trigger of walks and conversations and feelings and impressions. This is a wonderful photo. I love the shapes and the natural rusting. The action of the elements on human crafted objects always excites and intrigues me. What inspires me? Everything - from the natural world to a torn page from an old book or a line in a poem! And your post - that's inspired me today! xx

  2. Your work inspires me Jo, as well as unexpected things like cutting up veg for lunch and seeing a pattern and having to get the camera. Bubbles in the sink! Colour combos in the fact, waking up every morning inspires me!
    Love the patterns, colours and effects in the rusting bars! Keep inspiring us! Xx

  3. gorgeous photo, and I look forward to seeing you recreate this in your art.

  4. What fabulous colours not to mention the texture! My OH thinks I'm nuts when I take photos like this, lol! Definitely no artist in his soul.

    Lesley Xx

  5. Like you i love to take pictures of places we visit, my friends and textures. I get a huge amount of inspiration from cloud watching or finding patterns in almost anything.

    It is a recent pleasure for me to notice textures and how shades of the same colours create depth and dimension.

    I can imagine the aromas and sounds around Peel from my visit to the Island many years ago. I love water in most forms and my absolute favourite is to see water at dusk, which just happens to be my favourite time of day. Love the light at this time so very much.

    Looking forward to seeing how you will interpret the fantastic photograph in your ArT.

    Fantastic post Jo, you are a constant source of inspiration and i enjoy visiting your blog:-) x


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