Sunday, 15 March 2015

Inspired by Photo on Friday #1

To try and get some discipline and routine into my crafting life (and justify taking all those photos) I've decided to post a photo on Friday and then over the weekend create something inspired from the photo.

Plus the design theme over at PaperArtsy is "Deconstruction"

I started with some corrugated card and ripped of some of the top layer.  Then put some Cheesecake and Tikka on the card. I stuck some book text scraps and Some Prima flowers on with Gel Medium, painted the Gel Medium in other places and then sprinkled rusting powder on the corrugated card and the flowers.  Sprayed liberally (and kept spraying with lemon juice and water to start activating the rusting. 

It takes some time but you do get rusting. I stamped the new Hotpicks Xtra 06 Days and Months  in Sienna Archival in places and then spirited some White Linen spray paint but Snowflake diluted would work just as well to soften the effect.  

The flowers were painted with Cherry Red and Tango and then I then started adding Turquoise and Cherry Red in areas especially the edges and let them drip. I also added some fish stamping from Hotpicks 1111 in Aquamarine Archival.

For the centre I used some off cuts of metal used in another project that I'd distressed and aged. Cut these into strips and stapled them together to echo the pile of metal in the photo. The ring of wire was twisted and sanded to reveal some of the copper beneath and some scraps of painted cotton knotted on.  Finally a scrap of card stamped with seaside fresh air from Hotpicks 1111.

On this occasion I've made the focal point in the centre, but I think it would have worked just as well bottom right and exposed more of the background.  Lots of juxtaposition of textures and the colours tone but with a couple of pops of complimentary colour to add to the contrast.


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  1. Whilst your background is gorgeous, I love the metal and how you've used it! The contrast of the flowers with the metal is fabulous.

  2. I totally agree with Helen! I love this piece and its quite a weird coincidence that I'm working with a very similar colour palette on something at the moment (wont be half as good as yours though). I do love how you get such a mix of textures that work together so well.

    Lesley Xx

  3. I really love this! Wonderful imagination, beautiful details and great effected. I want to say this is so lovely. xxx

  4. Love the contrast of colours and textures, Fab x

  5. Beautiful background, the rusty metal is amazing. I agree that the sentiment would look better at the bottom as then we could see the ring much better. Stunning piece Jo :-) x

  6. I love how experimental your work is. You always take risks with your art and this pays off with stunning and original creations. xxx


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