Sunday, 22 March 2015

Well, it's got a lot of texture

Ummmm, right I'm just putting this out there, its almost how I wanted it, but not quite.And I think I like it and then I think ummm, do I really?

What do I like?
  • I love the main background.  Kraft card that has had paint (Caramel, Vanilla, Chalk), stamping (mini bricks and mini numbers), candle wax resit and crunched up to break the fibres to create the cracks, distressed edges for the rips  and then inked with Distress Ink.
  • The brads in the corners
  • The shading of it all with watercolour pencils (purple, brown and charcoal) to give depth
  • The gold pitted and scrapped Treasure Gold covered Grunge Paste layer under the corrugated card layer
  • The rusty wire, alcohol ink dyed eyelets and grungy alcohol stained staples.
  • The burnt Lutrador
  • The ripped, stamped and painted corrugated card.   

What don't I like?  
  • Well the corrugated card top layer is too angular on the side of the small pieces.
  • I wanted more of a gap between the eyelets with the rusty wire, but boy was it fiddly.
  • I'm not sure about red / brown Lutrador focal point.
  • And I don't know whether it works best portrait or landscape orientation. 

All great individual elements, but do they all work together? Is it too much?  Am I being over critical (do have a tendency to set high expectations)?

When I can decide which way it goes round I'll put it in a frame.  The one thing I do know is it needs a big frame with a lot of "white space" behind it so it looks as though its floating (like an island, to be honest I think the corrugated card element does look like an island!) and you are drawn to it because its the strongest visual and you aren't distracted by anything else. Framing, a border is so important.

Anyway enough pontificating. In the end its only card and I enjoyed creating.




  1. I think it looks great, Jo! I like it portrait, and quite like it, (cos I tried, twisting my neck round) with the Lutrador piece at the top too... not that I want to make your decisions any harder for you... and I suppose then the numbers will be upside down... so as you were then! I hope you find a good frame for it soon, and it gets displayed.

  2. I prefer landscape, and it looks like the I O M

    1. Ha, just what I thought and wasn't intentional!

  3. Beautiful creation Jo! I get captivated by your art. I'm just looking. xx

  4. This is so clever, Jo. I like it landscape and it would be great in a glassless frame with white around it but I like it as it is,

    Lucy x

  5. I think I'm going to have to go with everyone else and say 'Landscape' definitely! I love the textures and the rusty wire through the eyelets. It's going to look amazing with framing. I think you are being a bit perfectionist, but then I don't think one is ever totally satisfied with a project. There's always something we might change. That gives us impetus to create the next thing, or to alter an existing canvas. Like you say, part of the process is the fun we have creating. You are always an inspiration, Jo xxx

  6. Ditto! Ditto! Ditto! Definitely 'landscape' for me and I think it's just fabulous as it is. Wonderful texture and I love the small splash of colour from the Lutrador! I totally second Julie Ann ....awesome inspiration!

    Lesley Xx

  7. I think it's fab but I have no idea what Lutrador is so I'm off to learn! Like the idea of s big frame...!

  8. I like your piece in portrait, i can see an owl this way up, the red is his catch, his dinner... Love the natural textures of the birds surroundings, i would use black as the backdrop as this would enhance the owl's nocturnal nature.

    Forgive me but i really got into your ArT and shared what i saw, hope you don't mind. Nothing negative anywhere, i like the natural feel and really love everything:-) xxx

    1. Nope never mind, that why I put it out there, to share, to get feedback, to knock ideas around, hear what other people see in my art like the black background, never thought of that and I need to see what it looks like. xx

  9. this looks gorgeous to me and full of texture and gorgeous muted tones x


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