Sunday, 28 November 2010


So last week was foggy and this week is frosty - fortunately only outside as seen by this picture from my garden!

I feel really chilled and quite mellow after a fantastic day out yesterday spent watching international rugby at Twickenham, England v South Africa. The end result wasn't a win for us but I still enjoyed the whole thing from going down on the train, walking to the ground, seeing smiling happy faces, people joking with each other, talking to nice people and feeling strangely proud standing up and singing the national anthem along with 60,000 other people.

The walk back to the station was a good anthropological observation as well, thousands of fans all inter mingled together no nastiness and standing still politely when asked by the police on their police horses.

You can see why police horses work in terms of crowd control, they loom above you horse and rider, you don't want to scare them in case they start stampeding into the crowd and because you don't see them very often you all stand in awe at how beautiful they are (the horses not the police person sitting on their backs).

Result? Thousands of docile well behaved fans shuffling to the train.

Anyway after all that physical sporting activity yesterday (not me personally of course, I was just merely vocalising my support loudly, very loudly) I need to catch up on some relaxing and absorbing craft to continue this chilled mellow vibe.

Have good day where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

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