Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Thinking Christmas

Christmas is a mixed blessing in our house, we don't have any kids, one set of parents is dead and the rest of our family unit (siblings and parents) is small and don't quite get the whole festive family being together playing games thing. Christmas day for me and hubby usually ends at about 4 or if we are lucky 5pm.

For the last couple of years, I've thought is what's the point of me slaving away all morning cooking a turkey with all the trimmings for little or no thanks and I'd quite like to run away but it's sort of expected of us to host and we (well my hubby) live in hope that we can encourage our family to stay a a bit longer and spend some time together.

This year might be a bit different, I sort of feel I want to celebrate Christmas even if it's simple and quiet. Hubby and me will do what's important to us which is a nice meal, some time together in our hectic schedules and going out on Boxing Day to watch some rugby. I've said to the rest of the family you can come if you want and I don't mind if you want to be Scrooges and bah humbug and not come.

I used to really enjoy decorating the house but again that sort of fell by the wayside as I felt what was the point, but this year with this slight tingling fizz of possible excitement I've decided to make some decorations. So far both projects are in early stages but here are a couple of pictures to tempt you.

Can you tell what it is yet?

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