Friday, 3 April 2015

Photo on Friday #4

I've been at the seaside this week, Southwold to be exact  on the east coast for a bit of rest and recuperation after many weeks of being unwell. I've lost count of the the times we've been to Southwold as a couple, with parents, with family, but this time I went on my own.  Its the first time I've been away on my own for any length of time for pleasure, an adventure!

This was taken on a previous visit to Southwold, taken very early on the beach. The sun was just up and the light was so bright, cold and clear. Even with the glorious light I have added some filters to accentuate and deepen the colour of the crab. 

So why do I like this, what made me take a photo?  Well I like the shape of the claw and the ribs, the brittleness of the shell which is so fragile as well. That smoothness of the shell juxtaposed against the grains of sands and the colour of the claws in contrast to the whiteness of the ribs.

What do you like about it?


  1. what a great photo - I love the glimpse of the sand between the claws. Will look forward to seeing how you transform this in your art.

  2. What a wonderful picture you have made. I really want to go to the sea. In a few weeks we are going for a few days to Brittany / France. Through this beautiful picture, I look to go even more forward to the sea. Greetings Janny

  3. What a fabulous photo Jo! I have to admit that I would never have thought to take a photo of a dead crab but the colours and textures are wonderful. Hope those few days away did the trick!

    Lesley Xx

  4. The textures are all amazing but the colours are rich and warm which reminds me of sunny Autumnal days. Hope you are rested and feeling much better and you enjoyed your adventure :-) xxx


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