Monday, 6 April 2015

Well you didn't think I wouldnt have a play myself would you? (#3UP Spring 2015)

So here is my take on the colour palette I picked for #3UP week. 

John keeps saving me his grapefruit tins so I decided to have a go at using one of them to create a battered tin that had been left out ion the garden.

Using a large stencil brush I just started adding Stone Concrete and Slate over the tin.  I then took the hammer to it and gave it a few bashes to dent it. I made sure the inside and the top and bottom edges of the tin had colour on them.

I then mixed some Grunge Paste with Stone and started scraping that on really roughly.  I then used one of my old matted and stuck together bristles brushes to add further texture.

Once the Grunge Paste was dry, I went over with the stencil brush again with some Hey Pesto and Guacamole and Concrete.  I then sealed it with Matte Glaze.  

To further add to the lichen effect I added some green Treasure Gold again using a stencil brush (I keep one just for Treasure Gold). Finally I added some watered down splats of Slate.

Inside the tin I've added some flower arranging oasis which is the second part of my grand plan with this battered tin.

Oh and there may have been some "staging" of the snails!



  1. of course you had to play!! love this battered old tin - it really does look as if it's been abandoned outside for ages.

  2. Love your tin! It's really effective! Can't wait for stage 2!

  3. Fabulous and very realistic lichen effect Jo! Look forward to seeing what you put inside it. BTW if ever you need any 'extras' for your snail 'props' I could send you plenty, lol!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Ooh Jo so glad you did play. This is excellent very authentic looking. Xx

  5. Great post Jo, my favourite bit is where you have added texture with a hammer to your tin which just adds even more authenticity to the look you are after. Fantastic project :-) xxx


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