Friday, 17 April 2015

Photo on Friday #5

Victorian railway architecture fascinates me, these lofty architectural palaces dedicated to travel, to  journeys, happiness and sadness, hello's,and goodbyes. So many stories and so much that could have been lost without visionaries such as John Betjeman (a big hero  of mine) to save these cathedrals of brick and iron.

I spend a lot of time when I'm in London on the Euston Road, either coming in at Euston from Northampton (home), going to the British Library or in this case heading towards St Pancras if I've come in from Luton (work).  Euston Road itself is very important in railway history as it marked the edge of the City of London and no main line railway stations were allowed in the City of London in Victorian times.

You wouldn't think it was a railway station would you, it looks like it belongs in St Petersburg or Moscow not London.  All those Gothic spires and arches reaching into the sky.

Who said functional can't be beautiful?


  1. I agree Jo, it's a beautiful station, it looks like a cathedral - a cathedral of travel indeed. Hope you use this in something fabulous!

  2. What an amazing building! As a very infrequent visitor to London (probably not more than a dozen times in 65 yrs) I have never seen a lot of its well known gems let alone the lesser known ones. Thanks for sharing this fabulous photo.

    Lesley Xx

  3. The building is magnificent Jo, agree you would think you were in Russia, i hope to visit there someday... Your photograph is wonderful and i love how you have manipulated it. We have some amazing buildings in my home town too, i always remember to look up as we have some lovely hidden gems too.

    Thank you for sharing your picture it is fantastic :-) xxx


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