Friday, 24 April 2015

Photo on Friday #6

Artists, we come from all walks of life and some of us have many artistic outlets.  Dennis Hopper is one such man.. Last year John and I went to see his retrospective exhibition of his photos take in the 60's.  He was certainly part of the "scene" and his gritty urban documentary shots of film sets, his friends, hippy camps, hells angels, the sidewalk and the peace protest movement had me enthralled.

So here is a picture of us and the great man Mr Hopper. 

Don't confine yourself to one artistic medium, try them all, dabble and don't be afraid.

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  1. He looks so different on the picture Jo, just been to have a very quick look on his web site. He was a fascinating man and definitely very talented. You do take wonderful pictures and i agree stop at nothing and enjoy whatever you try :-) xxx


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